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Though Command Performance has been blessed with a lot of success in the show ring at the local, regional and national levels, we place a strong emphasis on having fun and teaching. We are fortunate to be able to do what we love and that our Academy program has really taken off over the years.


In addition to time spent on horseback, we feel it is equally important to learn the care and preparation of the horse prior to and after riding, so most of the time the student will also be involved in the grooming and tacking up process as well as untacking and grooming after the ride.

Lessons on an Academy horse will begin with the rider on a lunge line so that the teacher can assess the rider's level of ability. Many beginning riders will spend several lessons on the line as they learn balance and feel of the horse and gain comfort and confidence on horseback. We focus on the basics of stop, start, turn and balance. Again, the goal is learning in a fun and safe environment!

We have several lesson horses who are excellent teachers and we like students to have the opportunity to ride different horses as each is unique and has a lot to teach.

Feel free to call Tim directly at 360-901-2854 or email him at commper1@gmail.com to set up a time or for more information.

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